TECH NEWS | Samsung’s Galaxy Note series will reportedly still continue next year

While Samsung’s mobile boss TM Roh has telegraphed plans to bring stylus support to more phones across its lineup, there may still be a new Galaxy Note in 2021. An anonymous Samsung official tells Yonhap that the company is “preparing to release the Galaxy Note series next year” and that “Roh’s message does not mean that the Galaxy Note series will be discontinued.”

Samsung declined to comment on the specifics of Yonhap’s report when contacted by The Verge, but provided the following statement:

Samsung confirms plans to bring some of the most beloved features of the Galaxy Note to more device categories in 2021. We remain committed to providing the best mobile experience to our consumers and will continue to actively listen and consider consumer feedback in all our product innovations. We cannot share any further details at this time.

The obvious question, if Yonhap’s report is accurate, is how Samsung will set the Note series apart. This year’s model already felt like you were paying for the S Pen support alone, considering how the Galaxy S20 FE outpaced it on specs and undercut it on price.

The Note 20 Ultra was a more compelling — albeit expensive – proposition, but it’s hard to see how it’d fit alongside a presumable full complement of stylus-compatible Galaxy S21 devices with comparable screen sizes. And the Galaxy Z Fold 2 shows that foldable phones may soon be a more broadly viable option at the top end of Samsung’s range.

Samsung is expected to unveil its widely-leaked next flagship Galaxy S phones in January, a little earlier than usual. We’ll have to wait and see if that lineup leaves any gaps for a potential Note 21 to fill.

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