Is it normal to have a 37.1C temperature for 9 days? Explained

I assume you’re talking about a human. Other animals have other normal temperature ranges.

37.1C is the high end of the normal range. 37.2C is the low end of the “fever” range.

It’s normal, but normal depends on the person. If the person who is being tested has a normal body temperature (as taken daily at the same time over the course of a month or two) that is 36.9 then suddenly 37.1 you might consider whether they have a low-grade infection, or if they’re simply overheated because of the environmental temperature, or if they are being measured after exercising in a hot place.

In any case that isn’t a life-threatening number for a human.

Yes, it’s perfectly normal, because 37.1 Celsius is NOT the “normal”. It is “The Average”. The “normal” is actually a range of anywhere around 36.2 to 37.6 Celsius. My own is consistently between 36.4 and 37.0.

If you’re not really sure, be sure to ask your personal physician about it.

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