Is Soap2Day safe to watch movies and TV shows on? Soap2Day Review

I’ve used these sites for 15 years. No viruses. You ONLY get one if you break the rules of using these sites. Each site has a “trick” to them. A way to click through the ads so that you’re not clicking on anything you’re not supposed to. A savvy internet user understands how to do this. Most people do not. Most people - even if they can accomplish step 1 do not know how to remove their own viruses. I do. So even if I accidentally screw up step 1 - I instantly scan & find the issue & repair before anything happens.


I’ve NEVER once had an issue. I train people (like my gf) HOW to use the sites BEFORE I just let them free on them. I wouldn’t tell you to just go there if you’re an internet noob. However they are 100% safe IF you know when, where, & how to click. Sometimes you have to wait 5 secs for a new X to appear. Sometimes you have to find an hidden X. Sometimes you click 3 times… like I said… it’s a game you play. The price of losing is usually only a pop up window. However if you lose too many times… you’ll get a virus.


Here are 3 reviews I found online about Soap2Day


Soap2Day is a free movie watching website that may display dangerous ads tricking into downloading malware. ... Although video streaming websites are very popular on the Internet, using service is prohibited due to the copyright violation of cinematography.

Soap2day is an amazing site that has a lot of free movies. DO NOT CLICK ON ANY POPUPS, JUST CLOSE THEM! if you do this you will be 100% safe from harm. get a pop up blocker of some sort so you can not be interrupted.


Has to be said that this site when I first discovered it stood out as the best streaming site I have ever come across. Unfortunately due to the introduction of increased advertising and the fact that not a single stream can be played for 10-20 seconds without buffering, this is now perhaps the worst streaming site. Talk about a fall from grace.

It’s your decision whether it’s safe or not but with these many comments I wouldn’t say I will trust it.


No. This is an illegal site for watching movies and other material. The owner of the site does not have permission to publish content without prior consent of the original owner. Publishing this pirated material is illegal and can lead to heavy fines.


The safety factor, aside from the content being illegal, is a concern because when you click on a movie it opens up another tab which leads you to a Pop-under advertisement. This potentially could lead you to a mining site where your information could be hacked.


I had a mate of mine use it I told him to use a VPN and he was adamant he didn’t need one I’ve not used it myself I used watch movies on Putlocker and sites like them, but yeah he didn’t use a VPN and his laptop was riddled with viruses so I mean… if you wanna use it then protect yourself and use a VPN.


Otherwise if you don’t then good luck, because he took it in to a repair shop and the bloke wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot barge pole, he did end up getting it fixed eventually but the damage was already done.


I say it to my sister who uses sites like these and I tell that same story, so I mean I’m not gonna stop ya from using it the site but sites like them come riddled with viruses and other unwanted nasties lying about.

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