What is Love or Host? Simply Explained

What is Love or Host?

Love or Host is a game show airing on Twitch, specifically on the AustinShow channel. It's a new(ish) concept that fuses traditional reality TV and live streaming, so you do have to catch it when it airs to really understand and follow what's going on. "It’s Love or Host but YOU, the chat, will decide the eliminations and be the matchmaker," Austin tweeted. Thursday's first episode showcases several women live-streaming and talking to host GeorgeNotFound. Instead of George eliminating the streamers, it's the chatroom that decides. 

Love or Host actually originates from another show Austin used to host, but it was called The Rajj Show (back when Austin used to go by Rajj Patel), and it wasn't based around finding love. Although Austin did host Rajjchelorette on Twitch, which mirrored the same concept as Love or Host.

Kotaku described Rajjchelorettewriting, "Austin tells the handsome politics streamer Hasan Piker that the 'woman of your dreams is in this room,' as the cast preens themselves in the corner, or leans casually on their beds. One by one, they get eliminated, and when they are, they must reveal whether they chose in the beginning to go on a date or have their stream hosted by the contestant, which would boost their notoriety." 

Can I be on Love or Host?

You can be cast on Love or Host! All you need to do is casually DM @GetOnAustinShow, the Twitter account specifically made for casting Love or Host

What are the 'Love or Host' Rules?

To be on Love or Host, you have to meet certain requirements. @GetOnAustinShow tweeted, "When reaching out to be on a show be sure to include: Who you are and what makes you interesting. Why you are interested in the guest. Photos of yourself. Anything else you think would be of interest. Must be 18+ to be on the show!"

The internet is pretty fascinated by Love or Host.

Tuning in to Twitter, it looks like a lot of people have caught on to the show (over 100,000 people tuned in to the first episode). People are already rooting for contestants, like Minx.

What is the Twitch game show "Love or Host Rules"?

Basically the game “Love or Host” is a game show in which one individual is selected to be the “bachelor”, and tries to find someone to be his or her partner. Furthermore, this individual tries to understand and get to know these women or men over the extent of the show, and determines which one he or she wants to be with. However, given the name of the show, if someone is for “Love”, than that person seeks out a potential relationship, but, if someone seeks out “Host”, he or she places a claim on that position, and the main person looking for love “walks away empty handed”(Rajjchelor, Youtube).

To get a better understanding, and a hilarious and worthy portion of your time, I would suggest watching Rajjchelor’s game show vid.

Here’s the link:

Hope this helps

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