Vibali vya Uhamisho 2022 WATUMISHI Civil Servants Transfers

Vibali vya Uhamisho 2022 WATUMISHI  Civil Servants Transfers

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Permanent Secretary Office of the President PMO-RALG Prof. Riziki Shemdoe has approved the transfer of 1544 staff to exchange of work stations in the Authorities Local Governments.


Prof. Shemdoe said that the Office of the President – PMO-RALG continues to work exchange transfers only for now and for those who have applied for a non-exchange transfer exchanges from July, 2021 – January, 2022 to District Councils keep waiting while evaluations in all councils continue to take place
make balance. He also asked all Local Government Authority staff who submitted applications
their transfer OR-PMO-RALG for the period January 2018 – June, 2021 apply for renewal
moving to those areas but not to the Cities, Municipalities and City Councils.

Such transfer applications must comply with all transfer procedures as specified in Transfer Circular No.2 of 2018.
In addition, he has asked staff who have received transfer permits to wait for a letter on Their councils and not come to the Office of the President-PMO-RALG to follow those letters.and be a list of the names of the employees who obtained the transfer permits is available on the Office Website of the President-PMO-RALG

In the event of an employee experiencing any difficulty do not hesitate to call the Center customer service by phone numbers: + 255735-160210, + 255262-160210 or write an email to our service

Issued by
Mr. Hosseah
Head of Government Communication Unit
Office of the President – PMO-RALG




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