Job Opportunity at Azam Media - Oracle Developer/Manager


Oracle Developer/Manager  

The position is responsible for debugging, root cause analysis, analyzing an inherent functionality and solving issues by considering overall impacts, and handling various users of the subscriber management system. Responsible for requitement gathering, implementation, testing and fixed in the CRM & ERP system.

You must have:

  • Bachelor degree in IT or related fields
  • Expertise in Client-Server application development using Oracle 11g/10g, PL/SQL, SQL *PLUS, TOAD
  • Knowledge in Table Functions, Indexes, Table Partitioning, Collections, Analytical functions, Materialized Views
  • Knowledge in complex database objects like Stored Procedures, Functions, Packages and Triggers using SQL and PL/SQL
  • Knowledge in Tables, Views, Constraints
  • Must have a Functional knowledge in ERP or CRM system
  • Must have ability to learn new application and roll out to other countries if required. Co-ordinate with vendor to fix the issue.

If interested please send your CVs to

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